Who is Body Analytics

What We Do

Simple. We show you what you are made of regarding lean mass and fat.

One easy 10-minute dunk gives you an accurate assessment of lean mass (muscle, bones, organs and tissue) and fat (visceral and subcutaneous).

All you do is sign up, come in, lean back like you are taking a hot bath or washing your hair and relax in our heated, filtered and chemically treated water tank.

Within minutes of your test we provide you with your results in a printed four page analysis.

Our trained technician will go over the results with you in the privacy of our air conditioned/heated mobile clinic.

We provide our service to Texas, including Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and all surrounding cities.

Testing is done in our mobile clinics which travel to gyms, CrossFit, boot camps, corporations and just about any place in between.

Comprehensive Body Composition Analytics

With every test you receive a four page report containing the following information:

  • Total Body Composition Profile – a 3-part profile including fat, water and lean mass
  • Body Fat Analysis – measuring both visceral and subcutaneous fat and providing accurate calculations for total body fat in pounds and percentage
  • Resting Metabolic Rate – a baseline caloric profile based on actual measurements of lean tissue
  • Body Fat Goals – a guide ranking you with other individuals in your age group and gender showing fat loss goals in pounds and percentage that will help you reach a desired health range

Testing Cost

We strive to bring the best possible service to your location at an affordable cost.

This type of test normally costs more than $100 and is generally hard to find, or at least very inconvenient, since it is only found in universities and hospitals.

We offer our testing for $59 per visit (discounted rate options are available for multiple tests).